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His Excellency Govenor Ngwabdije Kasi visits Maroy Foundation Hospital

Updated: May 26

Saturday 10th August 2019, at least 15 people died in a motorised pirogue shipwreck in Bukavu on Lake Kivu from the island of Idjwi to Bukavu. The vessel was dangerously overloaded and hit a rock. Similar incidents have been dealt with by Maroy Foundation Hospital. Remaining survivors made it on shore at Port Akonkwa.

65 were taken in by Maroy Foundation Hospital, 10 by Hôpital Provincial Général de Référence de Bukavu, and 22 to la Clinique Médicale de Bukavu of Université officielle de Bukavu. Maroy Foundation Hospital managed to save the lives of all injured and mentally shocked patients and provide them with vital medical care.

His Excellency Govenor Théo Ngwabidje Kasi and The Honourable Claude Sweddy Basila, Minister for Transportation, visited Maroy Foundation Hospital and commended the work, compassion, and patriotism of the Foundation and our doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly to make sure survivors were cared for. The Minister for Transportation said “without the work of Maroy Foundation, more lives would have been lost.”

The Governor paid his respects to the fallen, took various questions from the victims, offered his sincere condolences to the survivors of the accident, and vowed to implement new and wide-ranging legislative measures to prevent such an incident occurring again.

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