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Maroy Foundation Hospital installs Electronic Medical Record system

Updated: Nov 22

Maroy Foundation is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the British charity EMR4DW, aimed at implementing a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system at Maroy Foundation Hospital.

This advanced system boasts the capability to measure disease prevalence and location, enabling our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bob Ossomba, to gather and analyse data on a broader scale. The implementation of this technology is poised to revolutionise healthcare at both individual and community levels.

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System is designed to provide:

  1. Quick Access to Patient Records: Streamlining the retrieval of crucial patient information.

  2. Increased Treatment Effectiveness: Empowering our medical professionals to deliver more effective treatments.

  3. Recommendation of Potential Treatment Options: Assisting doctors in exploring diverse avenues for patient care.

  4. Patient Portals: Granting patients access to their medical details, fostering transparency and engagement in their healthcare journey.

  5. Easier Patient-Physician Communication: Facilitating seamless and efficient communication between healthcare providers and patients.

  6. Improvement in Preventive Care: Empowering healthcare teams to proactively address health concerns and implement preventive measures.

This collaboration elevates the quality of care within our hospital whilst empowering our medical staff to strategically allocate healthcare resources in the broader community.

The Foundation extends its sincere gratitude to EMR4DW (our teams met in Kampala, Uganda) for partnering with us on this transformative initiative, and we are confident that the Electronic Medical Records System will contribute significantly to our mission of advancing healthcare accessibility and effectiveness in Bukavu and South Kivu.

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