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Maroy Foundation is delighted to partner with EMR4DW, a British charity, who have provided Maroy Foundation Hospital with a simple and sophisticated electronic medical records system (EMR4DW) for use in the hospital. This system can measure disease prevalence and location which will allow our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Bob Ossomba, to collect and analyse data effectively. This will significantly improve the care of the individual and allow our doctors and nurses to better target healthcare resources and education in the wider community.

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System will facilitate

  • Quick access to patient records

  • Increased treatment effectiveness

  • Recommendation of potential treatment options

  • Patient portals allowing patients access to their medical details

  • Enabling easier patient-physician communication

  • Improving preventive care

We would like to thank EMR4DW, particularly Dr. Peter Smith and Mrs. Helen Smith who our team met in Kampala, Uganda in early January, for their incredible support and communication.

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