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Maroy Foundation is delighted to partner with EMR4DW, a British charity, who have provided Maroy Foundation Hospital with a simple and sophisticated electronic medical records system (EMR4DW) for use in the hospital. This system can measure disease prevalence and location which will allow our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Bob Ossomba, to collect and analyse data effectively. This will significantly improve the care of the individual and allow our doctors and nurses to better target healthcare resources and education in the wider community.

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System will facilitate

  • Quick access to patient records

  • Increased treatment effectiveness

  • Recommendation of potential treatment options

  • Patient portals allowing patients access to their medical details

  • Enabling easier patient-physician communication

  • Improving preventive care

We would like to thank EMR4DW, particularly Dr. Peter Smith and Mrs. Helen Smith who our team met in Kampala, Uganda in early January, for their incredible support and communication.

Updated: May 22, 2020

Thank you to the team at Cambridge Judge Business School especially the incredible Ms. Cecile Gani for sending the children at one of our partner schools, École de Yesu Aponya, important learning materials and supplies. The equipment will aid their educational attainment this year and the kids couldn’t be happier.

Our Maroy Foundation Scholars have been performing fantastically. Their combined attendance averages 97% and, in terms of achievement, their combined grade percentage averages 76%. One of our Scholars, Frank, received 94% last term!

Updated: May 22, 2020

On Saturday 10th August 2019, a small boat carrying what is estimated at over 110 people sailed from the island of Idjwi to Bukavu. Tragedy struck as the boat, dangerously overloaded, hit a rock and led to the collapse of the vessel. A significant number of citizens died in the accident. The remaining survivors managed to make it, through grit and ingenuity, on shore.

65 were taken in by Maroy Foundation Hospital, 10 by Hôpital Provincial Général de Référence de Bukavu, and 22 to la Clinique Médicale de Bukavu of Université officielle de Bukavu.

Maroy Foundation Hospital managed to save the lives of the seriously injured and mentally shocked patients and provide them with vital medical care. We were honoured with the presence of His Excellency the honourable Govenor Théo Ngwabidje Kasi and His Excellency Claude Sweddy Basila, Minister of Transportation who commended the work, compassion and patriotism of our hospital, doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly to ensure the remaining survivors were cared for. The honourable Minister of Transportation stated “without the work of Maroy Foundation, more lives would have been lost.”

His Excellency the honourable Governor paid his respects to the fallen, took various questions from the victims, offered his sincere condolences to the survivors of the accident, and vowed to implement new, wide-ranging legislative measures in order to prevent such an incident occurring again.

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