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Maroy Foundation operates in South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Foundation implements innovative and comprehensive interventions in education and healthcare mainly in Bukavu. Wherever possible we complement existing resources and projects in our community rather than duplicating them.


With a dedicated and skilled staff of 19 employees and a fluctuating network of volunteers and interns, our team's vast expertise, knowledge and experience in the Congo and our commitment to providing innovative services allows us to promote sustainable development at the community level. It is important to the Foundation that our employees and experts are on the ground where our operations take place. With our hands on approach, which is always led by extensive fieldwork and research, we are able to better serve citizens of concern by co-creating and facilitating impactful and measurable initiatives.


We are proud to be a a diverse and equal rights employer. We strictly do not discriminate any employee on the basis of his or her race, religion, tribal affiliation, sexuality, national origin, gender, age, disability or genetic information. We are proud to have a strong ethnic and tribal mix of employees. We work with local, provincial, national and international partners together with the local population.


Maroy Foundation was founded in 2015 and is a constitutionally non-political, non-religious, non-profit NGO registered directly in Kinshasa with the National Ministry of Justice. The Foundation’s objective is to offer incisive support to local citizens with a focus on health services and education. Through our deep expertise and knowledge we have been able to establish strong relationships of trust within the communities we operate and with partners internationally.


Maroy Foundation Hospital is a wholly-owned independent subsidiary of Maroy Foundation. 


Maroy Foundation works at the highest level of professionalism guided by our Constitution, Zero-Tolerance of Poverty Fetishisation, Zero-Tolerance of Corruption, Modern Slavery, Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection policies and other policies. The implementation of these policies across our entire organisation is in alignment with the Foundation’s value for good internal governance, transparency, accountability, professionalism and sustainability.

1st January 2023


We implement all of our projects with the highest standards

The Foundation partners with local poorly-performing primary schools and works with the Senior Leadership to intervene in the most critical areas necessary for improvement. The Foundation builds additional classrooms to increase capacity and lower student to staff ratios, we conduct teacher training seminars, we provide material support in the form of books and working materials, we build libraries, and we provide the most vulnerable students, often orphans, with scholarships and free healthcare at Maroy Foundation Hospital. In the 2021/2022 academic year 60% of our scholars were girls. 


We implement all of our projects with the highest standards whilst collecting and collating data on the impact of our work. We gather this data accurately and appropriately so the Foundation can track our progress towards improving quality of life for the people we serve. This is a huge task made more complicated by operating in an ever-changing landscape and environment. Managing data can be complex as it must be collected ethically, it must be stored securely and it must be used applicably. As a result, we sign contractual agreements within all our programmes which establish clear rules setting out the collection and management of data. We store our data in both electronic and written copies and we use our data to track progress and whether key targets are being met.


Maroy Foundation Hospital is the crown jewel of the Foundation and focuses on providing high quality healthcare at an affordable, subsidised price, with genuine compassion from our doctors, nurses, and staff. We charge only for administrative costs incurred in treating our patients and maintaining our services and as we do not retain any profit, our health care is more than half the price of other hospitals in Bukavu, making it among the most affordable, with considerable quality and expertise.


Our doctors and nurses have exceptional experience and the atmosphere in our hospital is always warm and friendly. Our hospital specialises in maternal, new-born and child health in addition to sexual and reproductive health although we do also offer general and specialised healthcare services in paediatrics, surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, physiotherapy, and medical imaging.


With a dedicated radiography centre, laboratory, surgery ward, maternity ward, paediatric ward, outpatient clinic, A&E and Internal Medical Services, you will feel safe and assured that you will be getting first-rate care for a wide range of needs: From primary and specialty care for adults and children to expert hospital-based care. We are committed to citizen’s good health.


High-quality, compassionate care for every single patient: It’s key to our identity. We are committed to citizen’s good health.

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