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Maroy Foundation’s internship programme is designed to provide an experience that is relevant to personal development, awareness, and future careers, particularly in social entrepreneurship and medicine in low and medium-income countries. Our Hospital Internship is tailored to current and freshly-graduated medical students. Our General Internship is tailored to students coming to the end of their university education or those at an early stage of their working lives.


Internship programmes last between 2 weeks to 2 months and are available mainly within the Foundation's Hospital and also in our educational programs. Although internships are unpaid, they are designed to support and foster career development, and are offered on a flexible basis so that, for example, students can fit their internship around studies, part-time work, and other commitments.


*Important COVID-19 notice* Due to the ongoing and unprecedented coronavirus outbreak occuring globally, Maroy Foundation internships are currently partly suspended. For the foreseeable future, only medical internships will be offered at Maroy Foundation Hospital.


Interns can expect to gain direct exposure to the work and management of Maroy Foundation as an innovative and impactful NGO including opportunities to:


  • Attend board meetings and gain a direct exposure of the day to day management of Maroy Foundation

  • Produce meeting summaries to develop writing and editing skills (in French)

  • Lead various community events and project


Additional benefits

  • We will provide you with VISA application assistance

  • We will provide you with a return-travel subsidy contribution

  • We will provide you an accommodation subsidy contribution 

  • You will also be assigned your own 'guardian' who will show you around the beautiful city of Bukavu and ensure you are immersed in the incredible local Congolese culture


Interns are supervised and their activities are set out by their Project Director. We endeavour to ensure a positive and beneficial overall experience for all interns.   


Applicants for internships should send:


  • A full Curriculum Vitae;

  • A covering letter including a brief description of why you want to do an internship at Maroy Foundation;

  • One letter of reference, preferably from a faculty member, and contact details for the referee


Languages required


  • French and, or, English

  • Kiswahili (Optional, beneficial)


All applications received are considered by the program being applied to and a small number of applicants will be interviewed prior to the successful individual being offered the internship. Applicants should therefore be available for a short Skype interview. 


International applicants should ensure that they have met the necessary visa requirements for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, prior to submitting their applications. Applications from individuals who do not have the appropriate visa will not be accepted. We will provide you with VISA application assistance.


You can send in any application queries you have below, and you can email us your full application directly to


We run and manage our own projects; we track and monitor our impact regularly; we have experienced staff on the ground running day-to-day activities—we do not use internship support in place of local personnel; we have a clear Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy


We are an equal rights employer and we strictly do not discriminate any employee on the basis of his or her race, religion, tribal affiliation, sexuality, national origin, gender, age, disability or genetic information.

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